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Reaction to the NC Medical Board Case Against Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

Who would intentionally defame good doctors? And Why? (Click Here to find out)

News April 9, 2012
Dr. Buttar give a summary of the medical board absurdity in his own words on the Robert Scott Bell Show.

News April 5, 2010 Update:
Medical Board Drops All Original Charges and Allegations Against World-Renowned Doctor After A Five-Year Fight
In what could be a watershed moment for the practice of integrative medicine across the country, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar – a prominent physician in the field – has weathered an investigation by the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) which began in 2005 with formal charges filed in 2007 and has emerged victorious, according to the Carolinians for Health Care Access (CHCA), a patient advocacy group in North Carolina. The President of CHCA, Ray Fisher, stated "This is a victory for every person in the country who has ever used an integrative physician".
Read the Full Press Release

A Video Update From Dr. Buttar - April 14, 2010

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar September 2009 Update:
Less than a week before the suite filed by Dr. Buttar against the NCMB in Superior Court, the NCMB conceded to Dr. Buttar. Very simply, the case was scheduled to be heard in Superior Court in the first week of August 2009. A few days before the hearing, the NCMB agreed to the point of contention. Dr. Buttar wanted a "real" judge to hear the case, instead of a biased doctor sitting as an officer of the NCMB and "acting" like a judge. Isn't that like the fox guarding the hen house???

Why did the NCMB concede to Dr. Buttar's demand for a "real judge"? Because they didn't want thier BS to be reviewed by a Superior Court judge. They didn't want some outsider looking into all their nonscence including thier lies, propaganda, fabrication of charg es, recruitment of witnesses, and other things we don't want to expose, at least not yet.

As Dr. Buttar publicly stated in 2007, "I've never had a complaint against me since becoming a doctor in 1991. Now watch, there will be more complaints filed because I'm on the NCMB's radar. And they are going to fuel ridiculously frivolous issues to justify their witch hunt."

July 2009 Update of the NC Medical Board situation:  

Our motion against the NC Medical Board is only a few days away.  But apparently, at the last moment, the NC Medical Board has caved to what we were willing to go to Superior Court to fight over...which was the right to have a REAL judge hear the case as opposed to the Medical Board president "acting" like a judge.  

As a recap, after the "token" hearing, after the NC Medical Board made their decision, we were prepared to refuse to agree to their "consent order" (which they wanted me to stop seeing patients with cancer and with autism...which is 80% of my practice),

The actions of the NC Medical Board clearly showed their bias against us and despite our attorneys proving the NC Medical Board was following an agenda that is not legal, ethical or based on fact, the NC Medical Board ignored the obvious facts.  

When it came time for the truth to be exposed in front of the Superior Court, they suddenly "back tracked" and declared a "mis-trial", wanting me to spend a few hundred thousand more to defend myself against something that is an illusion all over again in their "kangaroo court".  

They expected us to buckle under the financial constraints of a re-trial and so agree to a consent order.  Instead, we filed a motion in Superior Court in May and we are supposed to have a hearing in early August.

What we want is for a real Administrative Judge who knows the law and understands the rules of evidence to hear the case.  For example, hearsay is not allowed in a court of law.  Yet, the NC Medical Board's entire case is based upon hearsay.  All we wanted was to have someone NOT biased against us as the NC Medical Board president has to be, to hear the case and make a fair decision.

Now, a few days before the hearing, the NC Medical Board has decided to let us have an Administrative Judge hear the case.  Why the last minute change of plan by the NC Medical Board?  1.) Because they didn't think I had the ability to go to court again due to having exhausted financial resources.  2.) Because I wasn't bluffing about going to Superior Court ... and they don't want a Superior Court judge to become aware of all their shananigans and their abuse of power.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: See Dr. Buttar's Video Response on our Video Page.

With regard to the NC Medical Board’s charges against me, the entire case was so ridiculous it should be humorous, were it not for the fact that they are intentionally trying (and that is the operative word…trying) to block patients from all over the world from accessing us.  

They are doing all this under the pretense of “public safety”, despite admission from all opposing parties, including the only 1 expert witness from the board’s side, that NO HARM WAS DONE.  We had 9 expert witnesses lined up on our side until the NC Medical Board limited the number allowed to 3 in the last few weeks before the hearing.  Curious!

However, what the board is saying is that I am guilty of unprofessional conduct because I gave “FALSE HOPE” and took advantage of cancer patients.  One of my patients, an RN who had stage 4 breast cancer with metastatic disease to her liver, spine, spleen, lungs and scalp, who failed chemo and radiation, who was given 6 months to 1 year to live, and who is today completely cancer free, per PET scan, testified in front of the board. She came to us about 5 years ago.  She told the board her entire history, including that if it wasn’t for the treatments we administered in our clinic, she would not be alive and for that matter, testifying.

Elrene, Cancer Patient - Footage from 2004-2007
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That was NOT relevant to the board.  Also not relevant were the results of many other cases, including ALL 3 of the cancer patients in question.  All 3 lived beyond their expected life spans, all 3 were very grateful for their treatments, and all 3 had objective findings proving the effectiveness of their treatments.  1 of the 3 died from a cause other than cancer. But the NC Medical Boards position didn’t change.

Truth about Dr. ButtarNone of these patients complained.  In fact, in practicing medicine for 17 years, I have apparently only had 4 complaints against me until these false allegations were made.  And these are the 4 complaints that the NC Medical Board based their charges on.  Only 1 slight problem.  3 of the 4 complaints (all 3 cancer patients) were made by 3rd party individuals….

…..none of whom were ever in our clinic,
…..none of whom have ever talked to me,
…..none of whom I have ever met,
…..none of whom we ever knew existed,
…..none of whom EVER came with the patients during the time the patients received treatments from us,
…..none of whom the patients ever mentioned to us,
…..all of whom had a financial motive or professional jealousy motive,
…..3 of whom threatened us with a complaint to the NC Medical Board if they were turned over to collections,
…..all of whom complained a year or more after the patients died

Point in fact, it was clearly evident to all present at the hearing that the board’s mind had been made up months before the hearing, and the “kangaroo court” was conducted just to appear legitimate.  I’m sure there will be many interesting comments from the “naysayers” about this.  So, rather than have anyone trust me blindly, we’re going to get all of this information online, based on numerous requests from our patients who want the truth to be known.

Jana, Cancer Patient - Footage from 2009
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Truth Dr. ButtarOn this website, you will see the entire transcript along with certain things I have found to be “interesting”, to say the least. The NC Medical Board has proven they are NOT here for patient safety as they propose, but rather, to serve the agenda of the NC medical hierarchy, which was being embarrassed due to their incompetence based on our documented results.  We inadvertently threatened their reputation by achieving the success they were not able to or even, in fact, believe possible.

The worst part for the NC Medical Board and for various governmental bodies is that we have documented all these results and more on video in my “Know Your Options, the Medical Series”, which can be found at www.themedicalseries.com.

The problem is the DVD’s show the truth.  This entire facade the NC Medical Board has created has been to discredit me, but more importantly, to discredit the philosophy of our form of treatment, which emphasizes the need to detoxify the system as well as the fallacy of prescription panaceas.

This philosophy and treatment revolving around EFFECTIVE detoxification and then appropriate REBUILDING of the system threatens the NC Medical Board and EVERYONE the board is protecting, i.e., the “masters” of the board.  Who are they?  Well, who is to financially benefit if I or my colleagues were to be taken out of the system???

Can we fix everything?  No…..not yet.  But I’m going to work towards that end till the creator wishes me to rejoin him.  Until then, I will have that agenda as my foremost goal.  And if for any reason something “untoward” were to happen to me, these DVD’s will still document the truth.  And this scares those vested in the current medical system that is miserably failing, is an ever increasing source of embarrassment to the medical community and an ever increasing source of frustration for the patient population.